Beat the Competition to that Order!

No matter the field of commerce or industry you operate in, you will be subject to fierce competition from rivals offering a similar service. Of course, you do your best where pricing and quality is concerned, but how else can you improve your chance of being the one that gets the order? You could use timetracking to get your email in front of you potential customer
Email Response Time
It’s a fact that the sooner you respond to online enquiries the more likely – by far – you are to get the order, and that’s what timetoreply is all about. This clever and proven business tool allows you to monitor and analyse the time it takes for your agents to respond – and much more besides – so you can see immediately where improvements need to be made to ensure that lead response management is in place.

The timetoreply solution is also free for the first three of your agents – for ever – so you don’t even need a credit card to get going. Have a closer look at timetoreply now; it could be the best decision you ever make even Forbs thinks so.