Fully Featured Mobile Event Apps

Mobile EventThe mobile smartphone is very much the communication device of choice, and any event will see those present use theirs a great deal. This is why, for event organisers, HelloCrowd is a must-have app. HelloCrowd offers a choice of event apps that not only make it easier for the organiser to keep everything flowing slowly and gather real time information, but also for those in attendance to have information at their fingertips about what is happening, when and where.

HelloCrowd also allows your guests to input a profile, enhancing the networking opportunity, while you – the organiser – can offer them information on the latest news, plus provide them with changes to the programme and other amendments in real time. It’s a very capable app that takes only minutes to create – there’s no coding involved – so have a closer look at the HelloCrowd website now, and see how you can benefit from this well-priced app.