The Future is Here! It’s Android TV

If you are unfamiliar with Android TV it won’t be for long! This revolutionary new method of live tv streaming online films, TV programmes, games and more is taking South Africa by storm, and it’s all thanks to SilverStream, who are at the forefront of what is a true revolution in technology.

android tvBuy a SilverStream Android TV gaming system, and you’ll find it surprisingly affordable, and you can get content free, with no need for cable or satellite fees. You can sign up to paid content from such as Netflix if you wish, but that will be your only outlay after purchasing the SilverStream box.

Easy to set up – it really is as simple as plug in and go – and reliable, your SilverStream box can be purchased with a full selection of accessories, so why not check out the SilverStream website now, and get in on the act before tour friends do!